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Loving Those Who Grieve

Walking down the sidewalk you notice a crack in the concrete and it takes your breath away, standing in line at the checkout you smell the scent of flowers by the register and it causes your knees to buckle, sitting on the porch you hear the laughter of the neighbor’s children and it brings a tear to your eyes – these are reactions that may overcome any who are experiencing grief and loss. Events that come up today may easily transport us back to memories of those we have lost, a crack that caused a fall, flowers at the funeral home or graveside, laughter that brings to mind the death of a child.

Grief Partners are members of our community who are trained to walk beside those who are grieving, helping them to process the pain and move forward in the light of God’s love. A new training class has just started and if you feel called to join, contact Patrick Galligar @ 372-1571 x2132.