Service and Worship Times

  • Thursday Worship Service - 7:00PM
  • Saturday Worship Service - 6:00PM
  • Sunday Worship Service - 8:00AM
  • Sunday School All Ages - 9:30AM
  • Sunday Worship Service - 10:45AM

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Goals of the Church (& School)

The church's mission and ministry are to provide opportunities for people: 
* To worship 
* To learn about God and humanity 
* To witness 
* To develop community (fellowship) 
* To serve and help one another

Lutheran elementary and secondary schools achieve these goals through their promotion of the Christian faith resulting in an emphasis on discipline, relationships, values, moral and spiritual development.  Such schools are the “church” as they create optimum opportunities for exposure and application of the Scriptures to pupils’ needs through dedicated Christian teaching, worship services, and an atmosphere of Christian fellowship, service and witness.

Many parents and congregations have such a vision and give committed support to this alternative to public and other private systems of education.  The right to choose a Lutheran school gives parents the privilege of the free exercise of religion.

Lutheran schools have open enrollment policies and are viable options for Lutheran and non-Lutheran children of all races, color and ethnic origins.

“The most effective educational agencies available to the church for equipping God’s people for ministry are the full-time Lutheran elementary and secondary schools.”
LCMS Handbook


About Our School


As a ministry of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, St. Peter’s Lutheran School responds to God’s command in the Scriptures to bring up children in the t